When should I call my insurance agent?

Your relationship with your personal lines insurance agent goes far beyond just buying the insurance. How so? Life is rarely static and whether you experience a change in
insurance.agent.savannahrelationships or financial status, or if an unforeseen disaster strikes, having your insurance agent in the loop will ensure that your policies change along with your needs.

Here is just a shortlist of the reasons you should call your agent:

Moving or changing contact information

Tell your agent if you move or change your mailing address or phone number. They need to be able to contact you by mail or phone to assist you in updating your information with your carrier, or assisting you with information you need to transition coverage appropriately in your new location.

Filing a claim

After a car accident, any other incident in which you or members of your household may be personally liable, after a storm has damaged your property, after a burglary, or any other event that may be covered under your policy. Your agent will take the details either file a claim or give you instructions about your company’s guidelines for doing so.

Change in property risk of any kind

Your agent should be notified if you make any additions or alterations to your property, rent your property, vacate your property, change the occupancy of your property to commercial or anything else that could affect your exposure.

Driver changes

Your agent needs to be notified of any driver status changes in the household, whether you get married, a teenager gets licensed or any other change.  Also tell your agent if any drivers move out of the household or relinquish their licenses.

Add or remove a vehicle

Call your agent when you buy or sell a car. You can also call for rates before you buy a car if you have a vehicle identification number for the make and model you’re contemplating.

Questions about payment

Call your agent if you have any questions about payments, renewals, fees, alternative payment options or any other questions. Your agent will assist you with all available solutions and options.

Questions about coverage

There are no wrong questions to ask your insurance agent. When in doubt, it’s best to ask. Your agent is available to help you and is happy to clarify any coverage issue for you.


In summary, when making an informed buying decision about insurance, think about the level of engagment you will your agent. If reliability, trust and ongoing personal service is a factor for you, that is something to  consideration when deciding between doing business with an experienced, local agent and strangers at 1(800) Discount Call Center.




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